is supporting "all" partners. It is combining together local data and partner services. Partners can give you services for Healthcare, Security, Electric consumption, Transportation, Food, etc .


It can be linked and work together with your Healhcare partner. It can be used as single room control unit or as part of larger monitoring system.


It can be used as standalone security center or be linked to Security service partner supervision centre. It can send/receive data in realtime perform tasks based on your rules.


It can collect electric data from power meters or smart plugs/sensors. It can fetch data from your electric company and compare and impliment them. It can send your selected data and be remotely controlled by your Electricity partner.


It can collect realtime water consumpion info from water meter. It can fetch data from your water company and compare and impliment them. It can send your selected data to your water supply partner.


It can collect weather information from your sensors/weather station. It can fetch data from local weather company and impliment data to system.


It can collect information from sensors. Sensors can notify activity or/and fullness level of the item (like bin). It can make alert based on your specs.

Energy savings and optimation

It is essential part of the system. You can get great savings with assistance of IOTS. When you know the energy consumption in detail, it is quite easy to optimize the consumption with clausules that use energy when it is needed or when energy is cheaper.

Locator service

It can inform location/usage based on the sensor/tag information. It can notify if room is in use/tag person location in the building.

Other services

In the future the possibilities to link of the different data and optimize the tasks are limitless. One this is sure, more and more IoT services will come

This is Heading

This is Heading

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